KIN-KIN is a specialty coffee roaster located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are Midwesterners at heart – friendly, honest, hardworking and equal parts Bears and Packers fans. Our goal at KIN-KIN is simply to provide our customers with great coffee and create happy partnerships along the way.

To us KIN-KIN represents all of the relationships that make up who we are. We like the idea of one’s kin as their tribe, not necessarily family, but those you have commonality with – moving through life together. From our children, to our co-workers, to our customers, and to the farmers who grow our coffee, all of these relationships come together to give our business purpose and our success real meaning.

In the same way Johnson Public House is a meeting place, which to many becomes more of a home than a house, KIN-KIN seeks to create a meaningful bond with each wholesaler and home that choose to make us a part of their daily coffee ritual.



In 2011 Gwen, Kyle & baby Asher moved from Chicago to Madison to realize their dream of opening a coffee shop with a focus on careful preparation. They found a home for their dream on the emerging East Johnson Street in Downtown Madison and quickly got to work bringing in beans from the best roasters around the country.

A couple of years later baby Etta joined the team that at that point had grown into a network of committed employees and loyal customers. With the support and encouragement of their people Gwen, Kyle, Asher & Etta took that dream a step further & founded KIN-KIN Coffee in 2014.